5 Pak clay roof shingles products glazed colors roof khaprail tiles house design rates images in pakistan

Khaprail Tiles House Design in Pakistan

Khaprail Tiles House Design in Pakistan.   001 Pak clay buy shop online best new red khaprail tiles roof shingles low tares house design photos lahore. 01 Pak clay Interlock roof shingles product irani china khaprail tiles house design in lahore karachi islamabad images 4 Pak clay ceramic roof shingles khaprail house design tiles fixer installation low price images lahore karachi 4 Pak clay terracotta ceramic glazed irani roofing materials shingles khaprail house design tiles rates in pakistan images 5 Pak clay marble porcelain granite [...]

3 Pak Clay Buy Shop Online Spanish Clay Roof Glazed Khaprail Roof Tiles Patterns Outlet in Islamabad Pakistan Images

Clay Roof Khaprail Tiles Design in Pakistan

Clay Roof Khaprail Tiles Design in Pakistan. Pak Clay is a popular industry in Pakistan for Clay Roof Khaprail Tiles Design in Pakistan. Our products are available at the very low price in different colors, textures, and designs at Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. We also provide glazed and unglazed khaprail clay roof tiles in red, blue, green, and brown colors which create an attractive Mediterranean look. They are durable and lightweight, making them ideal for certain roofs, and they offer [...]

4 Pak clay ceramic roof products shingles khaprail tiles fixer installation low price images islamabad

Barrel Murlee Tiles 11″

Barrel Murlee Khaprail Tiles 11″ in Pakistan Pak Clay industry has a special skill to produce barrel glazed roof khaprail tiles in pakistan. We can also apply different natural colors on these tiles which never fade or damage for lifetime guarantee. Pak Clay barrel khaprail tiles make your homes more beautiful with their grace and charm. We also suggest colors and types of tiles to our customers according to the structure of their homes which suit and make their homes [...]

Washroom Tiles Price in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Rawalpindi Peshawar Shop Available Images

Washroom Tiles Price in Pakistan

Washroom Tiles Price in Pakistan. Notable outdoor designers and architects decorate homes all over Pakistan with decorative sizes and shapes available in terracotta washroom tiles. We are the masters of washroom clay tiles and suppliers of washroom clay tiles at very low price in Pakistan. We have several designs and colors of washroom tiles. We also have a wide range of washroom tiles i.e China washroom tiles, washroom floor tiles, ceramic washroom tiles, bathroom tiles, washroom wall tiles, washroom clay [...]

Buy Concrete and bricks pavers porcelain floor wall tiles design shop in lahore pakistan images

Porcelain Tiles in Pakistan

Porcelain Tiles in Pakistan Pak Clay industry is the sole industry in Pakistan introducing porcelain tiles in Pakistan. We produce the best quality and durable porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles to embellish your homes at very low rates. The customers, homeowners, home designers, and architectures recommend porcelain floor tiles, porcelain roof tiles, and porcelain wall tiles in this era. Its resistance to temperature changes and aesthetic qualities make it highly suitable for covering buildings as part of a ventilated [...]

1 Pak clay glazed ceramic roof products shingles khaprail tiles colors price per square foot shop in lahore pakistan images

Disco Khaprail Tiles

Disco Glazed House Khaprail Roof Tiles Design Prices in Lahore Pakistan. Pak Clay industry produces the best quality of colors i.e black, green, brown, red, blue and orange colored glazed tiles at a comfortable price all over Pakistan. We have a variety of roof tiles i.e french roof tiles, disco khaparil tiles, clay roofing tiles, spanish roof tiles, interlock roof tiles, slate roof tiles, ceramic roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles, glazed roof tiles, roofing materials, roof products, unglazed roof tiles, [...]

10 Pak clay khaprail design house roof shingles products glazed colors roofing tiles rates images

Spanish Clay Roof Tiles 11″

Spanish Clay Roof Tiles 11″ in Pakistan Spanish Roof tiles are the best products of Pak Clay industry to decorate your beautiful homes with pure building materials. Spanish Roof khaprail tiles have the natural beauty of colors and textures. Spanish Roof khaprail tiles are available in different glazed and unglazed colors at the comfortable price in Pakistan. Spanish khaprail roof tiles can be purchased from the market all over Pakistan. Your homes present a natural attractive look when they are [...]

8 Pak clay home front khaprail roof tiles design shingles types products price per square foot

Spanish Interlock Tiles 9″

Spanish Interlock Roof Tiles 9″ in Pakistan Pak Clay Tiles industry provides rich quality Spanish tile which is prized for its simple, one-piece barrel design which provides a pattern of peculiar ripples across the roof. Spanish 9” tile provides an authentic look to any style of architecture for all types of buildings. Pak Clay Tiles industry offers all standard and custom colors, mists and blends of Spanish tiles in Pakistan. We also provide an 11” Spanish tile to fulfill the [...]

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Barrel Khaprail Tile 6×12″

Barrel Clay Khaprail Roof Tiles in Lahore Pakistan. Pak Clay is the largest khaprail tile industry in Pakistan trusted by the architectures and the clients. We offer you a variety of colors and designs for Barrel Khaprail Roof Tiles and they are completely customizable. Pak Clay provides a wide range of Barrel Khaprail Roof Tiles, so called because of their convex barrel-like shape. We also take the responsibility of home delivery and installation for our products to facilitate our clients.   2 [...]

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Pakistan Clay Tiles Company in Lahore

Pakistan Clay Tiles Company in Lahore. Pakistan Clay tiles company in Lahore provides the finest quality home tiles in multi color and designs. Our ceramic tiles are sold in per square foot. Our products in Lahore are.. Roof  Products, Shingles Roof Materials, Clay Roof Tiles, Khaprail Roof Tiles, Roofing Materials, Floor Tiles Design, Ceramic Tiles Pattern, Granite Tiles Textures, Stone Wall Tiles, Bathroom Flooring Tiles, Terracotta Kitchen Tiles, Mosaic Colors Tiles,  Indoor Bricks Tiles, Exterior Porch Tiles.  Pakistan Clay Glazed Roof [...]

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