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We are Manufacturers & Suppliers of Glazed Clay Roof Tiles, Terracotta Floor and Wall Tiles, Roofing Materials, Roof Shingles, Red Bricks Tiles in Pakistan. Since 1982, architects, homeowners, universities, commercial and government customers have turned to Pak Clay Tiles for attractive and beautiful terracotta products that stand the test of time. Pak Clay Tiles Pakistan is the biggest industry which manufactures and supplies high quality material to the customers of clay tiles Lahore Pakistan. You can contact us for  the details of terracotta tiles, the catalogue and price list. We deal especially in Roof Shingles, Khaprail Tiles, Clay Roof Tiles, Roofing Materials, Roof Products, Red Clay Tiles, Cladding Tiles, Red Bricks Tiles, Clay Floor Tiles, Terracotta Floor Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Mosaic Tiles, Clay Floor Tiles, Handmade Tiles, Glazed Tiles, Wall Tiles, Multani Tiles, Moroccan Tiles, Face Tiles. We are Khaprail Tiles Manufacturer, we produce different types of designs and sizes of glazed and unglazed tiles. Our experience is your foundation for beautiful tiles and designs for your homes and buildings.

How it Works

Choose tiles and colors of your choice and call us for estimation and finalize order. We provide best quality tiles at affordable cost in Pakistan with perfect installation services by our experienced team. We will deliver tiling material at your doorstep, you take rest and we get your work done.

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Quality Features

The quality of our products are the result of the blessing of Allah Almighty and our hardworking. Our clients have an easy approach to Pak Clay Tiles through every piece of our products. We feel proud that the colours of our products are original. We suggest our clients to decide suitable tiles according to the building. We take the responsibility for home delivery and installation.

Pure Natural Tiles

We use pure natural terracotta  material for producing our Pak Clay tiles for clay roofing tiles, ceramic flooring tiles and red bricks walls tiles which preserve the qualities of our products. We use pure materials for high quality and durability of our terracotta tiles.

Brilliant Resistance to Frost

Our handmade tiles have a great resistance to frost and protect your roofs, floors and walls  from freezing cool weather in winter and maintain the interior warmth.

Approved and Guaranteed

Our terracotta tiles are most persistent and reliable in their attractive glazed colours that is why our ceramics are approved and guaranteed for several coming years.

Heat Absorptive, Secluding

Our products of natural clay tiles are strongly heat absorptive and secluding. They save your homes, offices and buildings from extreme hot  weather.


We produce different designs of terracotta tiles i.e clay roof tiles, clay floor tiles, wall tiles, roofing materials, khaprail roof tiles, roof shingles, ceramic tiles, terracotta floor tiles, mosaic tiles, handmade tiles, glazed tiles, gutka tiles, red bricks tiles, fire brick, chakwal stone, concrete tiles, moroccan tiles, cement tiles, and multani tiles.


Our tiles are made of  pure natural clay. They are baked in high temperature and their colours never fade or peel in severe hot or cold weathers.  Our products are matchless, strong, durable and sustainable.


Our shops are available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Sialkot for the facility of the clients. We also accept the responsibility of installation and home delivery of our tiles in all cities of Pakistan.


We produce glazed and unglazed terracotta tiles in different colours i.e. black tiles, green tiles, brown tiles, natural tiles,red tiles and white tiles. These are natural and attractive colours.

Tiling Products

Roof Tiles in Pakistan

Pak Clay Tiles Industry introduces different designs of roof shingles tiles for the roofs of your homes. Pak Clay Tiles Terracotta Tiles Pakistan Terracotta Tiles Lahore are the best quality roof tiles available today, they decorate thousands of historic and newly built structures in Pakistan. Our tiles are very carefully  crafted from locally sourced raw materials. Pak Clay Tiles products are infinitely customizable and carry a lifetime material warranty.

Floor Tiles in Pakistan

Our clients can buy the finest quality tiles in cheap price from our shops. We provide the best quality floor tiles in different colors and designs. We are manufacturers and suppliers of terracotta floor tiles in the market. Our clients can buy the finest quality tiles in cheap price from our shops. We provide the best quality floor tiles in different colors and designs

Pak clay tiles industry buy red terracotta bricks ceramic floor tiles shop in lahore karachi images pakistan
Pak clay tiles industry red fire brick house front wall facing tiles images in rawalpindi islamabad images

Wall Tiles in Pakistan

Our factory  produces high quality wall tiles in low rates. We provide large and small size glazed and unglazed wall tiles to decorate your beautiful homes. We have variety of wall tiles in multicolor i.e terracotta wall tiles, red bricks tiles, face tiles, cladding tiles, split tiles, fire brick, facing tiles, stone look tiles, wood effect tiles, cement tiles, moroccan tiles, handmade tiles, multani tiles.

Mosaic Tiles in Pakistan

We know the art of Mosaic Tiles to decorate your homes. Mosaic means to put small pieces of tiles together. Mosaic tiles are eye-catching and attractive. We can install them almost at every place of our homes i.e kitchen, floor, ceiling, bedroom, living room and outdoors. We have different textures and patterns of Mosaic Tiles in multicolor i.e mosaic floor tiles, mosaic wall tiles, mosaic roof tiles, mosaic facade tile, porcelain mosaic tile, stone mosaic tile, ceramic mosaic tiles, glass mosaic tiles, pool mosaic tiles, mosaic tile sheets.

Pak Clay Tiles Industry Buy Mosaic Floor and Wall Tiles Store Rates in Islamabad Pakistan Images

Color Choices in Natural Clay Tiles

We have a variety of colors to decorate your beautiful homes for outdoor front elevation tiles.
Architectures appreciate the attractive colors of our natural clay bricks tiles on your construction site.

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